Information about the Osterwisch family.

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Clare and Don Adamick visited the farm and us here in Mörfelden-Walldorf


Osterwisch US met Osterwisch Germany. Carl Osterwisch and Jennifer Osterwisch with their children Eric and Allison visited the farm in Niedermehnen on a weekend in August (15./16./17.). A newspaper article was published.


Updated the tree of Gerd Henrich Osterwisch


See how Osterwisches are distributed in Germany.


Correct spelling of the Netherland name is Oosterwijk. Sorry for that bug. I corrected that as well in the trees. Cor Oosterwijk supplied me with some additional data of his ancestors.


Family Reunion in Cincinnati, Ohio took place on June 21, 2008


Elisabeth Osterwisch is born.


Now the family has a Netherland branch. The story behind: In May my brother Henrik received an email by Cornelis Johannes Osterwijk, who searched for his ancestors. According to his data, we could match him to the tree of Gerd Henrich Osterwisch. The tree is still not complete. We will need to talk to Cor to get more data. It might be difficult to get the tree linked to the merged tree. But Gerd Henrich was definitely born in Niedermehnen and belongs to our family. See the “What’s new ?” section.


Hope you will all have a peaceful Christmas time !


Download the latest family picture of the German family (password protected). From left to right : Burkhard Osterwisch, Irina Osterwisch, Lukas Osterwisch, Jan Philipp Osterwisch, Martina Osterwisch, Simon Osterwisch, Joachim Osterwisch (me), Simone Osterwisch, Henrik Osterwisch, Hannelore Osterwisch, Walfried Osterwisch, Miriam Osterwisch


Simone Osterwisch started a new business with a veterinary practice at the farm. Official start was at May, 01 with an open day.


Burkhard Osterwisch married Irina Rau


We celebrated the 70. birthday of my Dad, Walfried Osterwisch


The most exciting finding in the last few weeks is a transcription of a handwritten contract (1, 2, 3). This finally proves that Carl Friedrich Osterwisch and Johann Friedrich Osterwisch were half brothers. This is the connection between the Cincinnati Osterwisches and the German Osterwisches. The puzzle is completed. See also the trees in the download area. I will add a try of an English translation of the transcription in future. That will be more or less a free translation, a word by word translation is far too difficult. More information:


See the Osterwisch farm from space. Satellite pictures provided by Nice gimmick.


The 2006 family reunion will be on June 17 at 11:00 at Terwilliger’s Lodge in Dulle Park, Cincinnati, Ohio


Added several pictures to the Levern picture gallery and Destel picture gallery. These ones were taken at Christmas time, when the buildings are illuminated.


Switched to winter design. Added some new pictures to the Levern picture gallery. Added a new picture gallery of Sundern, but currently only one pic available. Added Simon Osterwisch to the Johan Ernst Tree.


Added results of my research in August 2005. Slowly but surely I am coming to an end of the research of church registry. I now started browsing thru the death records. The most exciting findings are the death dates of Gerd Herman Osterwisch and Margarehta Elsabein Osterwisch. See the “What’s new” section.


For privacy reasons I put the family trees into a password protected directory of my webspace. This applies to the browse trees as well as the downloadable trees. If you need access, just send an email in the communication area.


Added new photogalleries of Levern and Destel


Corrected the file-links to the browse trees. Should now work with Netscape, Firefox. Tell me if you find any dead links.


Switched back to summer design


The links to the browse trees on page “Current trees” unfortunately do not work with Netscape Navigator and Firefox. I didn’t check with Opera and others. Please try to use Microsoft Explorer


Happy new year to the family. Hope everyone will have a healthy and successful 2005. Today I only added a picture of the new bell tower of Niedermehnen in the “Historical Information”-Section as well as in the Picture Gallery.


With my recent findings in the church books of Levern, the immigration information of Wilhelm Niermann and the information on St. Peter's Lutheran Church in New Memphis, Illinois, I could extend the tree of Johan Ernst into the U.S. For an overview visit the “What’s new ?” section.

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